How Are Carpet Cleaning Rates Determined?

How Are Carpet Cleaning Rates Determined | Carpet Cleaning rates | Carpet Cleaning Orange County | Orange County Carpet Cleaners

Are you one of the many home-owners who call a few carpet cleaning companies to get various rates, read some reviews on yelp, and ask around to see if these so called “professionals” are legitimate carpet cleaners? Understanding what your getting charged and why will make your decision easier when choosing the right carpet cleaning company to clean your home.

Here are a few answers to most common questions we get from home owners who curious to know what determines carpet cleaning rates.

What components determine carpet cleaning rates?

There is no rational way for a professional carpet cleaning company to estimate the cost of a carpet cleaning job until they have actually seen the area which will be treated. Some carpet cleaners charge based on the amount of damage and types of textiles. Others include it in the price and just charge you for the sq ft. they clean.

The most important thing to consider when pricing carpet cleaning services is the size of the job. Usually, the larger the area that needs to be treated, the more it will cost. Most professional carpet cleaners use exact square footage numbers to calculate the cost of treatment, while other charge by the room. Variations of price inflation may include: furniture moving (Most carpet cleaners include this in there price if it is light weight furniture they need to move.), extensive spot, stain, and urine odor removal treatment, and the depth of your carpets soiling.

Can the condition of flooring affect the final carpet cleaning cost?

The condition of your carpet will have the greatest impact on cost for some carpet cleaning companies. The difference between lightly soiled and heavily soiled flooring can be vital in the final calculations of a cleaning for some technicians. For others, such as our company, we don’t charge any extra fees if it’s lightly or heavily soiled.

In general, it is nearly impossible for a professional carpet cleaning technician to know what condition the carpeting is in until they have had a chance to evaluate your flooring and the type of soiling present, the type of fibers and textiles they will be working with, the color of the fibers and any distinctly unique challenges they will have to overcome when treating your carpet floors.

How are additional services estimated into carpet cleaning cost?

If there are tough deep rooted stains, dis-colored spots or severely damaged areas, the technician will have to dedicate special attention to fixing these problem areas. Some companies will add an additional extensive treatment fee. For this reason and many more, it is recommended that home-owners perform daily maintenance on their carpeting to keep there households healthy and in amazing condition.

How can a professional learn how to appropriately price their services?

It is difficult for people on both sides of the transaction to figure appropriate carpet cleaning fees because there are many things to consider. The main thing is to understand what you are being charged, and why?

As always, just like anything else, do your research, ask around, go on review sites and see what others are saying about a companies carpet cleaning service before hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in your area to service your carpeting.

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