Pet Stain and Urine Odor Removal Orange County

Pet Stain and Urine Odor Removal Orange County

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Urine in carpeting is a frustrating problem that at times can require extensive restoration work. Urine deposited on carpet permeates the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below the carpet.

Urine odors can pass through from the floor, be it cement or wood, and even the framework of the house behind the walls. As the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become more potent and pungent. Simple carpet cleaning will only mask the odor.

Pet Stain and Urine Odor Removal; The Residue Free Way…

1. Being that all pet stains aren’t the same, Residue Free carries different products and methods to combat the urine deposits. One of the methods we use is enzyme treatment. If the urine problem is not to serious, we will use natural active enzymes that are harmless yet very useful in eliminating the urine deposits.

2. Once sprayed down, the solution is left to sit for 30 minutes while they go to work breaking up the salt deposits caused by the urine.

3. Our technician will then heavily clean the area removing all traces of urine in the carpet. If your urine problem is on the more severe side, we then offer another solution. Your carpet will be pulled back exposing the deposits.

4. We will then cut out and remove the carpet pad that is also suffering from the urine’s odor and stain.

5. A new piece of padding will be cut and laid in place of the old. Your carpet will then be treated with enzymes on the front and back, intensely cleaned on both sides and then re-stretched as if nothing happened.

This is the most adequate way to completely get rid of your carpets pet stain and urine odor.

6. This method is hardly offered by any pet stain and urine odor removal company in Orange County. This is because this procedure requires a great deal of knowledge and extra time on the companies end.

Above all, we take great pride in our work and want everything we do to be done the right way, the first time.

Why Choose Residue Free to Clean Your Pet Stains and Urine Odor In Your Home?

Residue Free is your one stop shop for everything clean for your home or business.

Whether it is commercial, industrial or residential, Residue Free is fully equipped to service all your carpet steam cleaning needs.

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