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How Are Carpet Cleaning Rates Determined?

Are you one of the many home-owners who call a few carpet cleaning companies to get various rates, read some reviews on yelp, and ask around to see if these so called “professionals” are legitimate carpet cleaners? Understanding what your getting charged and why will make your decision easier when choosing the right carpet cleaning[…]

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What Determines The Price Of A Carpet Cleaning Service?

Is there a global carpet cleaning rate for residential and commercial services throughout the carpet cleaning industry? No property or flooring type is the same, so it isn’t feasible to have a standard cost correlated with this type of service. Not only will each job differentiate depth of treatment, but each carpet cleaning company in[…]

Health Risk When You Clean Your Carpet Improperly | Carpet Cleaning Orange County | Orange County Carpet Cleaners

The Health Risk You Take When You Clean Improperly!

Tired of cleaning your carpet and not getting the results you want? Do you find yourself constantly renting a portable cleaning unit from the local super market or appliance store and still are not able to get rid of the pet stains or urine odors on your dirty carpet? Are you impatient with dry times[…]