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Shoes, Bare Feet, or Socks, Which is Best for your Carpet Floors?

Ever wonder what’s the best way to maintain your carpet floors when it comes to either wearing shoes, going completely bare foot, or slipping on some warm and comfy socks? Here are a few pro’s and con’s, as well as some beneficial tips that will help you better understand how to properly maintain your carpet[…]

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Carpet Cleaning Tips That You Should Definitely Know About

Following these handy carpet cleaning tips is a great way to increase the lifespan of your carpet floors  Like anything else that is commonly used in a household, some maintenance is required to help preserve a vibrant, healthy and clean appeal to your home. Carpet cleaning tips can be effortlessly found in multiple places on-line, but here[…]

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What Determines The Price Of A Carpet Cleaning Service?

Is there a global carpet cleaning rate for residential and commercial services throughout the carpet cleaning industry? No property or flooring type is the same, so it isn’t feasible to have a standard cost correlated with this type of service. Not only will each job differentiate depth of treatment, but each carpet cleaning company in[…]

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4 Ways To Identify A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring A Professional Carpet Cleaner Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal. While a majority of professional carpet cleaning companies promise quality service for an affordable price, you may not always get what you ask for. Using some of the tips below and asking the correct questions will help you[…]